LED Lights

Our services for LED lights provide the perfect example of how sometimes, less is more. According to the Department of Energy, by replacing only five incandescent light fixtures in your building with LED lights, you can save $75 per year on your energy bills. Also according to the Department of Energy, an LED lightbulb only uses approximately 25%-30% of the energy of a halogen incandescent lightbulb. In spite of this, LEDs are shown to be more efficient in providing direct light than the standard incandescent or fluorescent lights. This is because the shape of LED lights allows all light emitted to be seen, whereas the shapes of incandescent or fluorescent lights causes almost half of their light to be hidden by the walls of a recessed fixture. This means less money spent for more light than ever before.

We recommend LED lights because we know that these are energy efficient. We understand replacing your current light fixtures with new LED lights might seem like too much of a cost to you; however, in the long run we are certain you’ll save far more than you spend on this replacement.

An Appointment for Installation to Suit you

We understand that your work is important and shouldn’t suffer; therefore, we offer options for weekend and late evening installation appointments. So, don’t worry about missing work or losing business. We are willing to work when it suits you.

Installation Service that is Clean & Efficient

Once the appointment is fixed, our team of certified technicians will install the chosen LEDs at your home or place of business in the most efficient way with the most customer centric attitude. Before our technicians depart, they make sure you are happy and satisfied with the product and service we provided.

Why Leds?

Why Choose Apex Cyber Systems?

  1. Great Equipment
  2. Efficient Installation
  3. Competitive Prices
  4. Convenient Appointments
  5. Best Service