LED’s have become very popular in recent times. To be honest, LED has actually conquered even the last corner where a spot of light is required. There are LEDs on the TV, LEDs in every small light fixture from home, in stores, in museums, in toys and basically in everything. The reasons are its incredible advantages which cannot be compared to any other type of light. It not only has advantages in terms of the light quality but also it is friendly to your pocket. Moreover, it is always extremely environment friendly so basically using these LEDs gives a win-win condition to everyone.

Some of the advantages of LEDs are listed below:

  1. LED is Safe

It is safer than traditional light because it is less polluting: it has no mercury or tungsten. In addition, reduce CO2 emissions by 80%. Therefore, it is the preferred choice for most people now.

  1. Longer life

It lasts much longer: up to 45,000 hours of use, with minimal maintenance. Since it has a longer life and requires less maintenance, it is the most cost-effective and feasible option available in the market.

  1. Optimum utilization of energy

No genres heat, so no burning. 80% of the power you consume becomes light, unlike the incandescent pump, which loses that same percentage in the form of heat. Hence you can be sure that most of the energy produced is being used.

  1. Saves energy

Energy saving for the previous reason consumed up to 85% less than traditional pumps. Of course, it saves energy and hence saves on your electricity bills.

  1. High Resistance

It resists more extreme temperatures than incandescent bulbs, in addition to the mayor humidity and vibrations.

  1. Instant on

You don’t have to wait for it when you switch it on. It is instant with the switch button.

  1. High performance

Since it is resistant to an enormous number of cycles without detriment to its performance it gives better results. The number of times that it turns on and off does not affect its performance.

  1. High color Index

Reproduce the colors with great fidelity, with a color index of 80 over 100. It also has several shades of light for all types of environments.

  1. Unique design

The LED lights are available in numerous unique designs and color options. You can choose to buy a big one or a small one depending on your requirement. Everything is easily available at your disposal.

  1. They are Recyclable

The materials with which the LED bulbs are made are solid state, unlike the others, so the LEDs are recyclable, presenting clear benefits as protection of the environment. So when you are using LED lights, you are actually contributing towards environment protection.

Hence, there is every reason for you to switch to LED. It is good for you as well as the environment. So it is high time you do away with the traditional lights in your house and switch to the amazing LED lights which are totally reasonable and budget friendly.